NGOs at HRC55: War Crimes Against The Populations Of Yemen and Palestine Must Come To An End  


On March 21st, ECDHR and other NGOs delivered an oral intervention at the United Nation Human Rights Council session 55 under item 4 during the General debate. NGO’s assured that war crimes against the populations of Yemen and Palestine must come to an end.


We point your attention to the targeting of both Yemeni and Palestinian civilians and their civilian infrastructure by the Saudi Coalition and Israel in a blatant violation to all human rights.  Whereas the Saudi coalition killed and maimed over 50,000 civilians in Yemen by airstrike over a 9-year period, Israel has killed and maimed over 100,000 civilians by the same method in just 5 months. Whereas the Saudi coalition destroyed and damaged over 500,000 homes in Yemen, Israel has destroyed and damaged over 400,000 homes in Palestine, reducing to rubble about 60 percent of the total housing units there.  Whereas the Saudi coalition targeted over 370 hospitals and clinics, Israel targeted and destroyed over 155 hospitals and clinics.  Whereas the Saudi coalition targeted and damaged 1000 education facilities, Israel targeted over 350 education facilities. And whereas the Saudi Coalition targeted and destroyed 1000 masjids, Israel targeted and damaged over 200 masjids and at least 3 churches.

On top of that, oth the Saudi coalition and Israel used starvation as a weapon of war. In Yemen, that criminal measure led to 500,000 children deaths and in Palestine it threatens over 2 million civilians with death by starvation.

It is readily apparent that the normalization path taken by the Saudi coalition and Israel is drenched with normalization of bloody war crimes against the populations of Yemen and Palestine. These crimes must come to an end along with those who perpetrated them.