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The Lethal Consequences of Denying Medical Care in Bahrain’s Prisons

“When I look at the full picture, I can only conclude that it is a [...]

Bahrain’s Fight for Democracy: Exposing a Regime’s Brutal Suppression

Twelve years ago, Bahrainis definitively rewrote their story, challenging the centuries-old autocratic rule imposed by [...]

Women’s Rights in Yemen: A Cry for Equality and Justice

In the heart of conflict-ridden Yemen, characterized by pervasive violence and chaos that have profoundly [...]

Assessing the Efficacy of EU-GCC Cooperation: A Critical Analysis

 Introduction: The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) was established in 1981 as an intergovernmental alliance, uniting [...]

The Impact of A Controversial Interpol President on Human Rights and Global Security

The election of Ahmed Naser Al-Raisi as the President of Interpol in 2021 has stirred [...]