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Silencing Dissent: The Case of Loujain Al Hathloul and Digital Violence in Saudi Arabia

In the realm of human rights advocacy, few cases resonate as loudly as that of [...]

Qatar’s Pandemic Paradox: Using COVID-19 Measures to Mask Migrant Right Violations

In 2020, Qatar was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), experiencing one of the [...]

Saudi Arabia’s Greenwashing on Earth Day

Following International Mother Earth Day, environmental activities and sustainable practices become the focus of global [...]

Waleed Abu al-Khair: 10 years after his unlawful arrest

On 15 April 2014, Waleed Abu al-Khair, a Saudi human rights advocate, lawyer and founder [...]

Rape, abuse, isolation: unveiling the horrors of migrants women’ condition in Saudi Arabia

“He came and raped me. And he continued raping me over the coming months until [...]

The Long Quest for Justice: Two Decades Since Iraqi Detainee Abuse

Twenty one years have passed since the haunting images emerged from the infamous Abu Ghraib [...]

Dispatch: Examining Kuwait Electoral System

Introduction Kuwait is a country in West Asia that borders Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. [...]

Uncovering the Golden Facade: Inside the UAE’s Rise to Prominence in Gold Imports and the Dark Truths Behind it

In 1996, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was far from being a major gold-importing country. [...]

Microsoft’s Cloud Expansion in Saudi Arabia: Balancing Innovation with Human Rights Concerns

To improve digital innovation and economic diversification, Saudi Arabia and Microsoft have embarked on a [...]

The intersection between migrant workers’ abuses and the climate crisis in the United Arab Emirates

Purna, Til and Man Bahadur are the names of three South Asian men who migrated [...]