Urgent letter on HRC30 Joint Statement on Human Rights in Bahrain

The European Centre for Democracy and Human Rights (ECDHR), together with Human Rights international NGOs, calls on the governments of Albania, Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Mexico, Republic of Korea, Serbia, Slovak Republic and Spain to reconsider their position regarding the HRC 30th session joint statement on Bahrain, led by the Swiss delegation.

The Human Rights situation in Bahrain is critical, and has deteriorated in the past months. It is therefore vital to maintain these issues on the spotlight and keep the level of concern within the International community, as a lack of support might reinforce the Bahraini government’s position and lead to further abuses.

Consequently, ECDHR urges the aforementioned governments to sign the joint statement on the Human Rights situation in Bahrain before the end of the HRC 30th session.

Please find the full NGO statement attached: NGOs letter on Swiss joint statement on Bahrain 

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