Our mission

We advocate for the respect of human rights in GCC countries on an impartial and inclusive basis, regardless of political views, religious affiliation, gender or nationality of the victims.

Therefore, we do not advocate for any specific political or religious group, nor for any specific political or religious cause, but we go at lengths in defending and supporting those individuals and groups who suffer violations of their fundamental rights and freedoms.

Our primary goal is to achieve full implementation of obligations governments in the Gulf subscribed to, both through international human rights conventions and their own legislation.

Please consult a non-exhaustive list of causes and cases we are working on here.

Defenders for Medical Impartiality‘s main goals are the following:

  • to engage key actors in the international policy and medical community to build a network of support for the international protection of the right to health care in conflict and civil unrest
  • to codify the principle of medical impartiality
  • to document violations of medical neutrality in conflict and violations of the right to health in civil unrest