Join our Event “Justice Denied: The Death Penalty In Saudi Arabia”

Join Saudi civil society activists and international NGOs in a discussion on the application of the death penalty in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the way forward for the EU and human rights defenders.

Speakers include:

  • Javier Nart MEP
  • Ana Gomes MEP
  • Ali Adubisi (European-Saudi Organisation for Human Rights)
  • Soraya Bauwens (Reprieve)
  • David Nichols (Amnesty International)
If you will need a visitor’s badge to enter the Parliament, please send your name, date of birth, nationality and ID number to by February 27th, 5PM.


In recent years, the execution rates in Saudi Arabia have soared. In addition to executions for non-violent offenses, which do not meet the criteria of ‘most serious of crimes’ as prescribed by international law, last year witnessed the re-emergence of politically motivated executions in the country.

One year ago, on 2 January 2016, the Saudi government conducted a mass execution of 47 prisoners, including political dissidents and peaceful social justice activists. The same execution spree also saw the execution of 4 minors, some of whom were convicted based on a false confession extracted through torture. Currently, more young people who were arrested as minors are on a death row.

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