Join our event “Bahrain: 2018 elections amid human rights crisis”

The European Centre for Democracy and Human Rights is pleased to invite you to a seminar hosted by MEP Julie Ward on 20 February to discuss Bahrain’s upcoming 2018 elections amid an unabated human rights crisis in the country.

This year, Bahrain will hold the elections for the National Assembly – the second to take place in Bahrain since more than 200,000 people took the streets in February 2011 to demand more openness in the political process. In 2014, the elections were boycotted by the opposition due to a lack of serious reforms. Four years later, Bahrainis’ hopes for reforms are gone, and Bahrain democratic space is now completely shut down. Since mid-2016, an orchestrated crackdown on the rights to free expression, assembly and association has severely undermined the prospects for a political solution to Bahrain’s domestic unrest.

The event will be an opportunity to analyse the policy options available to external actors, including the European Union and civil society actors, to help ensure human rights reforms, opening of the civic and political space, and how, if possible, to contribute to free and fair elections in Bahrain.

The seminar will bring together some EU policymakers, representatives from the EU and diplomatic community, as well as civil society experts.


  • Julie Ward, S&D, European Parliament
  • Javier Nart, ALDE, European Parliament
  • Josef Weidenholzer, S&D, European Parliament
  • Rosamaria Gili, Head of Division, MENA.4 Arabian Peninsula, Iraq and Regional Policies, European External Action Service
  • Emma Achilli, Head of the European Union Office, Front Line Defenders
  • Yusuf Alhoori, Bahraini activist
  • Jean-Marie Rogue, Delegate to the EU, International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH)


  • Isaline Wittorski, European Centre for Democracy and Human Rights (ECDHR)

Speakers’ comments will be followed by a Q&A to foster debate and exchange views. Please find attached a concept note of the seminar.

We kindly ask you to register by Thursday 15 February by filling in this form.

In the meantime, should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

We hope you will be able to join us !

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