Human Rights Defender Nabeel Rajab’s appeal decision on hold

On4 May 2015, Nabeel Rajab’s appeal over a sentence condemning him to six months in jail over a tweet, was heard by the judge in Bahrain. After deliberations, the judge decided to postpone the verdict on the appeal until 14 May 2015.

This is the third time Nabeel’s appeal case is obstructed, as it was previously postponed on two occasions by the judge. Nabeel was condemned by the Bahraini judicial authorities to six months in prison over a tweet he wrote in September 2014, whilst he was travelling outside of Bahrain, criticizing the role of the Bahraini government as one of the first ideological incubator of ISIS.

Besides this current appeal, Nabeel was arrested at his home on 2 April, while on bail for the current case, and has been accused by the Public Prosecutor of Insulting a statutory body and inciting hatred in wartime. These allegations come after Nabeel document the torture prisoners suffer at Jaw Prison in an article in the Huffington Post UK and wrote a series of tweets criticizing Bahrain’s involvement in the Saudi-led coalition in the Yemeni war. Under this case, Nabeel remains on pre-trial detention since 2 April, in solitary confinement.

The European Centre for Democracy and Human Rights asks for the immediate release of Nabeel Rajab, and for all charges to be dropped against him. We will be closely monitoring Nabeel Rajab’s appeal verdict.

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